Seamless website operation

We help you preserve your online audience through our consistent support and maintenance services. Count on us to have an uninterrupted website operation.

web errors

Basic Website issues

Every usual basic website faces some issues be it the low load speed or broken links. Ourea helps you find these troubles and solve them to the roots so you never have to turn back again. 

We help you enhance your speed optimization and your site’s scalability providing you a smooth run.

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Website Management

We can help you with content management, plugin installation, theme changing and a lot more. We can help you with content management, plugin installation, theme changing and lot more.

We manage your websites so that you have no can relax & take your business ahead without any hurdles

web security

Website Security

Lacking security can be a huge worry but Ourea helps you strike with installing high security headers, remove malwares, create two factor authentication, Customer URLs and also attack protections.

We promise to take care of your security and malware attacks. Our 24*7 support and maintenance services are assured.

Ticket and support

 You can access us anytime from anywhere by raising a ticket and we shall provide you with the necessary services within 24hrs.

Having trouble with your website at untimely hours? Don’t worry we’re right here.

Design and development

Not sure about the final design or the development? It’s alright, we’ll help you.

We help you on an hourly charged basis on small scale and clear out all your redesigning and development problems.

Daily maintenance

All websites needs a constant checking for smoother and enhanced experiences. We keep an eye on your website for troubles. 

We offer  the best IT services and IT maintenance in Kerala,service like uptime monitoring, firewall checking, database repairing and cleaning post revisions so you don’t have to worry.

Setting Backups

All your website content and data base are ofcourse very important. 

We keep your data base stored safe and secure on a 7 day basis depending on your package with us.

Get your peace of mind