WordPress has been one of the most popular CMS world-wide in the last decade, nearly 35% of the web uses WordPress as the base for building websites for their brands and businesses.

As a web development company, we use WordPress for many of our projects depending on the client’s requirements.


WordPress started in 2003 as a blogging platform and at that point of time no one thought that it would be used for building Dynamic E-commerce Websites a decade later. From the V1 of WordPress it has been constantly changing, thanks to the support from Developer Community on a large scale. WordPress community is one of the largest community of developers, everyone contributing more and more towards making web easy for a non-techie.


  1. Community-:
    As mentioned earlier, WordPress has a huge community support which in turn helps it to evolve, solve complex problems due to a lot of support from Open Source lovers world-wide.
  1. Open Source Software-:

As we all know WordPress is an Open Source software which means it can be used, redistributed, and changed according to an individual’s wish & their use case. This is one of the main reasons that it has a very huge developer’s community backing it up since it makes developers like our task easier instead of creating from scratch for every project.

  1. Cost Effectiveness-:

When developing a website, the cost of building a website is directly proportional to the number of hours that the whole development process will take until the website can go live. WordPress cuts the development time by 50-60% just because of the reason that everything is already available on the web from the appearance of your website to the functionality, most of the Free Themes & Plugins can help you achieve those in lesser time.

  1. Themes-:

WordPress being one of the most popular CMS for building websites has a large number of themes available free as well as paid. These themes help you to create your sites visually attractive without investing a lot of time. The free themes can either be downloaded from WordPress.org and the paid ones are available on ThemeForest.

  1. Plugins-:

Plugins are a way to extend your website’s functionality to support various use cases like E-commerce, Membership, Marketing etc. There are many plugins available to use for Free on WordPress repository. Plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads are among the most downloaded plugins & mostly are used to offer high performance dynamic websites.

  1. Flexibility-:

WordPress is a very flexible platform, when it comes to changing everything from top to bottom, it has a very easy way to do it. Say you want to change the look & feel, you just need to change your theme, in the same way, say you need to change some functionality, you can either extend the functionality of any existing plugin you are using for your use case or you can build it from ground up.

  1. Connecting to Different Applications-:

In today’s modern world, every business needs automation & WordPress makes it easier by providing REST API endpoints which can help your data flow from your WordPress install to any application or service that you use. There are many use cases for this as everything revolves around good dataset whether it be marketing or support, if you have prior information about your customers, you will always be able to deliver better results.

  1. Building Headless on top of WordPress-:

Yes you read it right, you can build a totally custom frontend on top of your existing WordPress installation, and we have done it for our clients in the past and have got amazing results in terms of performance, usability & conversion rates. We use React or Angular to build on top of WordPress i.e. WordPress only is used as backend, the frontend runs totally separate by using REST API endpoints provided by WordPress.

  1. Search Engine Friendly-:

One of the biggest hurdles these days for web developers is to write semantic HTML & also handle meta descriptions, tags, keywords for each page in the website. WordPress makes it easier by providing most of this features inbuilt & also has many plugins to extend this functionality. Some of the most used SEO Plugins includes Yoast SEO.

  1. Mobile Usability-:

As Google transitioned to Mobile First Indexing which meant that now mobile usability will be one of the important factors to determine ranking of your website. When you use WordPress, you don’t need to even think about making your sites responsive, as by default your sites will be responsive & mobile usable, thus adding good value to your search engine rankings.

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